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Eigene Gedichte und Hymnen zu Ehren der Göttin Inanna

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Ich möchte an dieser Stelle erwähnen, 
daß ich Gebete meist in Englisch schreibe.
Außerdem sei ausdrücklich darauf verwiesen, 
daß diese Gedichte und Gebete meiner Feder entstammen 
und daher mein 'Copyright' tragen.

23.06.2000 Gedicht

 Holy Inanna,
All-powerful mother of the world

Thy body surrounds the globe.
With thy feet thou rest gently on the earth.
Thy radiant arms contain the whole firmament.
Thou are the mistress of the earth.
Thou are the mistress of the sky.

Thou are the one, that is within everything
Thou unite in thee the shapes of all gods and goddesses

Raised Mistress of all the Me-strengths to thy honours I sing
Noble wildcow to thy honour I dance before thee.

Oh All-mother look down and smile upon me.



Getting to know thy being

Great Goddess
Thou welcomed me with gentle smile
Gently thou smiled to my request.
I am thine, take my self and being
It is truly thine.
What thou will show me as thy path
I will follow, it shall be my inner path.
Thy path I will follow wherever it leads.
On my souls journey I will be thy priest and shepherd, 
thy protector and warrior again.
I will call upon thy name until eternity and it shall never fail.
Cause I know thou wont forsake me 
and thou where truly with me from the

 July 2000

Gedicht vom 8.7.2000


Thou who knows my face well

Thou who knows my heart well

Thou who knows my soul well


I raise my arms in praise to heaven

I bow low to thy sacred earth.

I sing aloud to thy honour

I lay my essence before thy feet


My face is delighted to see your glory every day

My heart is filled with love to your kingdoms

My soul is travelling the inner journey


I will follow thy path where ever it leads me

I will accept whatever thou presents to me

Show me my destination, let me know what thou demand from me this life.


 August 2000


She, who is within all acts of love

Inanna, who's present in all acts of love

My lady, who is within my acts of love


She, who is within all acts of passion

Inanna, who's present in all acts of passion

My lady, who's within my acts of passion


She, who is within all acts of war

Inanna, who's present in all acts of war

My lady, who's within my acts of war.


She who dwells within

Inanna is present in all acts of human kind

My lady, who's within my heart and soul.



September 2000

Evening prayer: 
Meine Aneignung der Hymne: Die Herrin des Abends

 At the End of my day, thou, the Radiant Star, the Great Light that fills the Sky

The Lady of the Evening appears in the Heavens.

Facing the West I lift my eyes to thee in sweet delight.

I purify myself from the remains of day's activity

I cleanse myself from all disturbing things.

 The animals greet my Holy Lady. The plants greet my Holy Lady.

Together with the animals and plants I greet thee, First daughter of the moon.


My Lady makes us all hurry to our sleeping places.

Days rush is ended, sweetness will enter.

Peace and sleep will enter my bedchamber.


With the animals and plants, my brothers and sisters

With thy followers I kneel before thy essence, greatest of the Igigi.


I prepare holy smoke and candlelight for thee.

My Lady refresh thyself at thy home.

There is great joy within me.

I send light and love to my beloved ones.


My Lady looks in sweet wonder from heaven.

I stand before thee, Holy Inanna.

Inanna, the Lady of the Evening is radiant.


I sing thy praises, Holy Inanna, great Queen of heaven and earth

I say Hail to the Holy one who appears in the Heavens

I say Hail to the Holy Priestess of Heaven

I say Hail to Inanna, Great Lady of Heaven

The Lady of the Evening is radiant on the horizon.



September 2000


Of my dear beloved

Mighty and gentle Inanna

Inanna, First of the Igigi.

Powerful one, beloved one

Full of Power, Full of Love


Look down upon thy follower.

Accept my sacrifices.

May thou be refreshed by them.

May thou enjoy them.

May thou hear me sing your praises.


Thou who is radiant,

Thou who is allknowing and allseeing,

Thou who is the Lady of My Choice

Thou who is in my heart and soul


Look down upon me tonight.

Ana dar da-lili-kuna lud-lul.